This Online Community Is All About Pics Of People Ignoring Safety As If They’re Immortal

Occupational Safety isn’t a joke. If you’re fixing an AC compressor on the ledge of the 28th floor with no harness, you’re just inviting trouble over, and risking not only your life but ending up on the r/OSHA subreddit as well.

This online community is made up of 725,000 members who are constantly reminding one another to follow safety regulations by posting pictures of people who didn’t. And I have to say, it’s working — these disasters in the making were so bad, scrolling through them made me put on a helmet before changing the lightbulb in my bedroom and getting inside a hazmat suit just as I was about to take out the trash.

#1 I Think My City Ordered Their Cones Off Of

#8 Emergency “Exit” In A Friend’s Office Building. First Time They Opened It Was During A Fire Alarm

#9 A Little More To The Right

#10 Faint Wheelchair Noises In The Background

#11 When Tow Trucks Are Too Expensive And A New Paint And Other Minor Repairs Aren’t