Here’s What I Imagine Animals Do When We Aren’t Looking

My name is Julien Tabet, and I spent 3 years trying to imagine how different and funny life could be in the animal kingdom. I like to think that animals behave the way I describe them when we aren’t looking.

I never imagined doing such a series of images. Still, in October 2017, when I posted one of my first photo manipulations of a cat under the sea (Hidden) on Instagram, and it went viral, people asked me to explore this idea with other animals. So that’s what I did, and here’s the result.

All my artworks are made with Photoshop, which I believe is one of our generation’s most powerful creative tools. Inspired by the greatest, such as Magritte or Dali, I have always loved the artistic movement of surrealism, and it was the best way to share my ideas through my art.

My inspirations come from everywhere. From the surrealist movement, of course, but also from other Photoshop artists that I love such as Luisa Azevedo or Marcel Van Luits. But I believe that my greatest source of inspiration is to observe what surrounds me. I ask myself a lot of questions, and I always try to create my own answer before going to seek out those who know. I think this is a great summary of my work: a mix between naivety and curiosity. What I am presenting to you today are wrong answers to questions I have asked myself. A very good example is my visual of the zebra (Liberty) with its black stripes creating wings. It was only after that I found that science proved that the stripes are actually white.

I found this series of visuals relevant to do, because the animal cause is very important to me. Through my creations, I tried to invite people to rediscover these beings who live with us—to show that they are as special and unique as we are. I never imagined that my work could attract so many people. It all started simply, unpretentiously. And to all those who ask me for advice on how to succeed in the field of art, I believe that the best way is not even to imagine that it could work, and simply to share honest and unpretentious things with others.

Until a year ago, I was at school, ready to follow a career as a graphic designer and work in advertising. Today, some people call me an artist, and I have the incredible privilege of living from one of my passions. I decided to follow this perilous path, to live off my creations. Even if it is not easy every day, I believe that the life of adventure and danger will always be more fun, whatever the cost.