Artist Shows What’s Wrong With Today’s Society With His Honest Illustrations

The world, especially in the crazy year of 2020, never fails to leave room for social criticism—it’s like you don’t even have to try hard to find things you can ironically poke at. Italian artist Elia Colombo, known to social media as “gebelia,” transfers the flaws of our modern society to conceptual illustrations. They are uncomfortable, thought-provoking, and with a good dose of irony and humor.

Colombo has been preparing more food for thought since our last post about his artwork, so we hope that your mind is hungry.

The artist, who started as a pizza boy and now is a professional and well-known independent designer and illustrator, describes himself as “a humble disinfluencer comforting the disturbed and disturbing the comfortable.” And there is quite a mass to disturb—Colombo’s Instagram is followed by 130k followers who come back for creatively expressed commentary on the social media craze, media, mental health issues, relationships, environmental problems, and more.